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it's time to start writing . . . again


I love them.

I love the structure of a good sentence - one that paints a picture so clearly, the reader is transported to that time/place/event.

I love writing.

For quite a while, three years to be exact, I haven't 'felt' like writing. It seemed my inspiration packed up and went on a permanent vacation.

Discipline is such a finicky thing in my life. I can display amazing discipline in some areas and completely stink at it in others.

Writing falls into the 'others' category.

With the onset of the cornoavirus and the possiblity of being at home more, with less work to do, I figure now is the time to start this discipline up again.

I'm not sure what it will look like.

I'm not sure if I'll succeed.

But I know I can try.

So here we go . . . one more time.

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