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Do you ever think much about lions? I do. Actually, I think of how moved I am by lions. There’s something so majestic, graceful and yet extremely powerful about them and I feel this connection with all of that.

Honestly any time I see lions I am instantly reminded of two things: Aslan in CS Lewis’ famous stories and Jesus, who Scripture refers to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

When I read the Chronicles of Narnia or watch the movies I always want to be Lucy. To me she had such a beautiful, innocent and inquisitive relationship with Aslan. Seeing that resonates so deeply with me. I want to snuggle in to Aslan, follow Him everywhere, and yet remain slightly fearful of His power and mystery. My heart always cries out for that personal connection and attention that I see in that relationship between the two of them.

Then, I also think of how much I want to be with Jesus. It moves me to tears to think that He actually wants to be a part of my every day life. This majestic Lion who powerfully rules the universe wants to make me into His image. He wants to spend ti

me with me and teach me how to be more like Him. How is that possible?!? It melts my heart.

Years ago I heard a testimony of a woman who was so close to Jesus that sometimes people would see a lion or a lamb when they would look at her. Can you imagine?!? How awesome it would be to be so in tune with the Father that He could physically manifest Himself through you like that.

When I expressed to my hubby how much that testimony impacted me and that I wanted my life to be like that, he surprised me with this painting he had commissioned. Yep. That’s Jesus and me in the photo I’ve attached here. And every day when I look at it, it reminds me that as long as I consistently invite Him into my life and lean into Him, I’ll become more like Him.

Hopefully one day I’ll reflect His presence in crazy and impossible ways.

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